Why is My Cat Coughing?

Written By: MUDASSIR

Hairballs are the most common reason for cat coughing. As they groom and swallow hair, it gets caught in their throat


Upper respiratory viral and bacterial infections can cause cat coughs. Look for discharge from nose/eyes


Some heart conditions like feline heart disease or heartworm can prompt coughing. Check for fatigue with activity or fainting.

Heart Conditions

Inhaled smoke, dust, pollen allergens or airway irritants like strong cleaners may trigger coughing.

Environmental Irritants

A narrow windpipe prone to collapse causes chronic dry coughing. It worsens with excitement or pulling on leash. Medications provide relief.  


Cats can occasionally have asthma attacks brought on by allergies, smoke, dust. Quick onset wheezing, open mouth breathing and coughing occurs.   


Lung tumors or cancer spreading to lungs may produce coughing sometimes with blood. Rapid breathing and weight loss also happen


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