Why Dogs Build Cozy Nests?

Written By: Sweety

Dogs often create "nests" by digging, arranging blankets, or burrowing into soft things. While it might seem like mere snuggling, this behavior is rooted in instinct.

Cozy Hideouts

Nesting is a natural preparation for motherhood. They instinctively create a safe and comfortable space for their upcoming litter, often starting around a week before delivery.

Pups on the Way

Dogs descend from wolves, who built dens for shelter and raising pups. Even domesticated dogs carry this instinct, seeking enclosed spaces to feel secure and protected.

Ancient Instincts

Nesting can simply be a way for dogs to create a comfy haven for sleep and relaxation. Soft materials like blankets or pillows provide warmth and security.

Comfort Cravers

Some dogs, especially breeds with terrier instincts, love to dig and burrow for fun. This playful behavior can be a way to burn energy.

Playful Burrowing

While occasional nesting is normal, excessive digging, pacing, or vocalizations during nest-building can sometimes signal stress or anxiety. 

Stress Signals

Provide them with a designated area like a crate or box filled with comfortable bedding. This can help satisfy their instincts and provide a sense of security.

Nesting Know-How

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