Why Are Cats Scared Of Cucumbers

Written By: MUDASSIR

A cucumber's size, color and shape loosely resembles cats' natural enemies like snakes and alligators when partly hidden, sparking fear

Predator Looks  

Cats have an instinctual wariness of snake-like shapes. The cucumber's curved form alarms the fear centers in a cat's brains.

Snake Sense  

Cats have a blind spot directly behind themselves. A sudden glimpse of an unexpected cucumber may register as an ambush. 

Sneak Attacks

The adrenaline rush after fleeing the unknown cucumber threat can leave cats highly stimulated.Redirect this energy to appropriate scratching posts and toys


Inactive indoor cats seek any novelty. But the cucumber reveals more cautious, observant aspects of natural hunting personalities. 


Strong food odors or chemicals on human-handled cucumbers can further confuse cat senses attuned to predators' scents. Wash veggies first.


While many cats flee cucumbers, some merely investigate while a few choose to defiantly eat or attack the vegetable!


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