When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes

Written By: MUDASSIR

Embark on the journey of puppyhood as we unveil the enchanting process of when puppies first open their eyes.


In the initial week, puppies' eyes are tightly shut, relying solely on touch and scent. It's a crucial stage in their sensory development.

First Week

Around the 10th to 14th day, the first glimpses appear. Witness these adorable peekaboo moments as the puppies start to open their eyes gradually.

Peekaboo Moments

At this stage, their vision is blurry, akin to fuzzy snapshots. Dive into the world seen through the eyes of these precious pups.

Fuzzy Visions

As the days progress, puppies start focusing on nearby objects. Delight in their newfound ability to lock eyes with the world.

Focused Gazes

Around the 3-week mark, the puppies' eyesight is fully developed. Witness the beauty of their wide-eyed innocence.

Full Bloom

With eyes wide open, puppies become more playful. Explore their world through the lens of curiosity and boundless energy.

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