What's Causing Red Eyes in Dogs

Written By: MUDASSIR

Environmental irritants like pollen or dust trigger itchy allergy symptoms. Over the counter eye drops provide relief while finding triggers


Bacteria, viruses, and fungi can infect eye tissue becoming inflamed and irritated. Antibiotic eye drops/ointments clear it up


Tear production issues cause dry, red eyes. Long term lubricating eye drops supplement moisture.

Dry Eye

Pressure buildup inside the eye damages the optic nerve. Medications reduce inflammation but damage is permanent.


Anything contacting the eye can scratch the surface. Usually heals well but needs medication to prevent infection


Rolled in eyelids (entropion) or gland protrusion (cherry eye) irritate the eye. Many cases need corrective surgery

Lid Issues

Conjunctivitis, eye ulcers, facial swelling putting pressure on ocular vessels, and more also redden eyes. See your vet!

Other Factors  

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