What Is Vestibular Disease in Dogs

Written By: MUDASSIR

Vestibular disease involves sudden inflammation of nerves linking the inner ear and brain causing dizziness, vomiting

Inner Ear Disorder    

While vestibular disease can happen at any age, it most often strikes older dogs due to blood flow changes or strokes within delicate inner ear structures.

Old Age

Vestibular disease may resolve on its own within days or weeks depending on severity, as dogs regain sensory compensation skills


Medications help relieve nausea and inflammation during acute vestibular episodes while rehabilitation exercises improve strength

Supportive Care 

As vestibular disease relates to age-connected circulation deficiencies and strokes, optimized senior care including blood flow boosting


Dogs who experience one vestibular episode have 50% chance of repeat incidence. Tracking triggers like hypertension helps manage risk factors.


Despite difficulty coping with sudden mobility loss, dogs generally adjust in time and can enjoy good quality life for years following vestibular disease


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