What Is Dog Trancing?

Written By: Sweety

Dog trancing, or ghost walking, is a peculiar behavior where a dog moves slowly under specific stimuli, often involving low-hanging objects.

Dog Trancing

Dogs may trance when passing under hanging objects like tree branches or drapes. This behavior is believed to be calming or satisfying for some dogs.

Low-Hanging Objects

Some breeds are more prone to trancing, with sighthounds like Greyhounds and Whippets being commonly observed exhibiting this behavior.

Breeds Prone to Trancing

Trancing is thought to have a calming effect on certain dogs. It may serve as a self-soothing behavior or a way to cope with stress.

Calming Effect

Trancing might provide unique sensory stimulation for dogs. The gentle pressure from hanging objects may activate calming responses.

Sensory Stimulation

Not all dogs' trance and individual preferences vary. It's essential to understand and respect your dog's comfort level with trancing behaviors.

Individual Variations

Allow your dog to trance if they enjoy it, but observe their reactions. Avoid interfering, as it's a personal and often pleasurable experience for them.

Interaction during Trancing

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