Top 7 Worst Dog Breeds for Kids

Written By: Sweety

While Pomeranians are adorable, their small size and high energy make them a risky choice for households with young children.


Known for their aloof nature, Chow Chows may not be the best fit for families with kids. Their strong guarding instincts and potential aggression raise concerns about child safety.

Chow Chow

Dalmatians can be overly energetic and impulsive. Without proper training and socialization, they might become a challenge for families with youngsters.


While Chihuahuas are pint-sized and cute, their tendency to be nippy and easily frightened can pose a risk to small children.


The wrinkled charm of Shar Peis may attract, but their strong-willed nature and territorial instincts can make them less suitable for households with active and playful kids.

Shar Pei

Boxers, known for their boundless energy, may unintentionally knock over small children in their enthusiasm. Families with toddlers should be cautious when considering this breed.


The Akita's loyalty is admirable, but their independent nature can lead to challenges in training. Families with young children might find a more adaptable and gentle breed.


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