Top 7 Ways To Master Dog Body Language

Written By: Sweety

Not all wags are created equal. A high, loose wag often means joy, while a low, stiff wag can signal caution. Pay attention to the tail's position and speed for the full story.

Tail Talk

Soft, squinty eyes radiate love, while wide, staring eyes can indicate tension. Dilated pupils show excitement or fear, so read the whole picture for the true emotion.


Perked ears signify alertness and curiosity, while flattened ears signal submission or fear. A slight turn of the head shows focus while swiveling ears tell you they're on high alert.


A relaxed posture with loose limbs and a wagging tail screams happiness. A tense, rigid stance with flattened ears suggests anxiety or fear. 


A relaxed, open mouth with a gentle pant shows contentment. Licking lips can indicate nervousness, while yawning might be a sign of stress or boredom. 

Deeper Bond

Raised hackles, especially along the back, can signal excitement, fear, or aggression. Watch for other body language cues to determine the true meaning.


A tucked tail often indicates fear or submission, but can also be a sign of playfulness in some dogs. Consider the context and other body language for the full picture.

Tail Between Legs

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