Top 7 Traits Of Italian Greyhound

Written By: Sweety

Standing tall at 13-18 inches and weighing a mere 8-15 pounds, Italian Greyhounds are the ultimate lap-sized athletes. 

Size & Speed

These sleek hounds boast a captivating silhouette: long legs, delicate features, and a gaze full of intelligence. 

Aristocratic Allure

Beneath their regal exterior lies a playful and affectionate spirit. Italian Greyhounds bond deeply with their families, showering them with cuddles and goofy antics. 

Playful & Loving

Italian Greyhounds thrive in various living situations, from bustling city apartments to cozy suburban homes. They're relatively quiet and adaptable, making them ideal companions.

Gentle Companions

Their thin coat and low body fat make Italian Greyhounds sensitive to cold weather. Provide them with warm spaces, sweaters, and even booties in chilly climates.

Climate & Care

They need regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. Short walks, indoor playtime, and occasional bursts in a safe, fenced area are essential.

Exercise Needs

Italian Greyhounds can enjoy a lifespan of 14-15 years. They're generally healthy dogs, some potential health concerns include dental issues, eye problems, and joint sensitivity. 

Lifespan & Health

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