Top 7 Tips to Keep Your Dog Calm at the Vet

Written By: Sweety

Watch for subtle cues like pacing, whining, or excessive panting. Identifying signs of stress is crucial for addressing your dog's anxiety during vet visits.

Anxiety Signs

Visit the vet clinic casually between appointments. Let your dog explore the waiting area to reduce unfamiliarity and anxiety during the actual visit.

Vet Space

Reward your dog with treats and praise during and after vet visits. Associate positive experiences with the clinic to build a positive association.

Positive Reinforcement

Regularly handle your dog's paws, ears, and mouth at home. This helps acclimate them to the physical examination at the vet, reducing stress.

Desensitize to Handling

Introduce crate training to create a safe space for your dog. Bring the crate to the vet, providing a familiar environment for comfort.

Crate Training

Find calming techniques such as soothing music, pheromone sprays, or calming wraps to ease anxiety during vet visits.

Calming Techniques

Schedule appointments during less busy hours to minimize waiting time. Reduced stimuli can contribute to a more relaxed experience for your dog.

Off-Peak Hours

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