Top 7 Tips for Training Your Dog to Fetch

Written By: Sweety

Begin with short indoor sessions using a toy your dog loves. Introduce the "fetch" command as you toss it gently a few feet away.

Start Small

Tap into your dog's instincts by using toys that trigger their chase drives, like balls, frisbees, or squeaky toys.

Fuel the Chase

Keep training sessions upbeat and fun. Use high-pitched voices, enthusiastic praise, and even a treat or two to reward successful fetches.

Build Excitement

Encourage your dog to bring the toy back by holding out your hand and using a cue like "bring" or "drop." Reward them for releasing the toy.

Master the Return

Once your dog is reliably fetching indoors, gradually increase the distance and complexity of throws—practice in different environments to solidify the skill.

Gradual Distance

Remember, learning takes time and patience. Avoid getting frustrated or rushing your dog. Keep sessions short and positive, and celebrate every small victory.

Patience is Key

Above all, keep fetch training fun and engaging for you and your dog. It's a great way to bond, exercise, and unleash their instincts.

Make It Fun

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