Top 7 Tips for Training Your Dog Around Visitors

Written By: Sweety

Gain insights into your dog's behavior to address specific challenges and create a training plan tailored to their needs.

Canine Behavior

Establish consistent commands for your dog, promoting clear communication and reinforcing positive behaviors when visitors are present.

Consistent Commands

Embrace positive reinforcement techniques, rewarding your dog for good behavior around visitors, and encouraging a positive association with guests.

Positive Reinforcement

Gradually expose your dog to different visitors, allowing them to acclimate to various people and reducing anxiety or overexcitement.

Gradual Exposure

Create a controlled environment for training, minimizing distractions and gradually introducing new elements to reinforce desired behaviors.

Controlled Environment

Prepare your dog for visitors by practicing commands and behaviors before their arrival, setting the stage for a calm and positive interaction.

Pre-Visit Preparation

Use leash training to manage your dog's behavior during introductions, providing guidance and ensuring a controlled and respectful approach to visitors.

Leash Training

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