Top 7 Tips for Teaching Dog Command

Written By: Sweety

Begin recall training early in your dog's life. Consistency is key to instilling the habit of coming when called.

Start Early

Use positive reinforcement like treats and praise. Reward your dog every time they come when called to create a positive association.

Positive Reinforcement

Train in a distraction-free space initially. Gradually increase difficulty levels as your dog becomes more proficient in the recall command.


Keep training sessions short and enjoyable. Dogs respond better to brief, engaging sessions that maintain their interest.

Short Training Sessions

Practice recall in various environments to generalize the command. This ensures your dog responds regardless of the surroundings.

Varied Environments

Use a consistent recall command. Whether it's "come," "here," or another term, stick to one command for clarity in your dog's understanding.

Consistent Command

Incorporate playful recall games. Games like hide-and-seek or fetching encourage your dog to come willingly, making training enjoyable.

Playful Recall Games

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