Top 7 Tips for Joint Health in Senior Dogs

Written By: Sweety

Maintain a healthy weight to reduce stress on joints. Talk to your vet about the ideal weight range and adjust food portions accordingly. 

Weight Wise

Regular exercise strengthens muscles and supports joints. Opt for gentle walks, swimming, or sniffing adventures instead of high-impact activities.

Move & Groove

Provide ramps or step stools to help your dog reach furniture and avoid risky jumps. This reduces strain on joints and prevents potential injuries.

Ease the Climbs

Invest in orthopedic beds or soft, supportive bedding to provide pressure relief and joint comfort during sleep.

Supportive Slumber

Give your senior pup gentle massages to improve circulation, ease stiffness, and strengthen muscles. This creates a bonding experience while supporting joint health.

Massage Magic

Schedule regular vet checkups to monitor joint health, especially as your dog ages. Early detection and treatment of arthritis or other joint issues can make a big difference.

Vet Visits

Discuss joint supplements with your vet. These can provide additional support for cartilage health and joint function in senior dogs.

Joint Supplements

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