Top 7 Tips for Introducing a New Dog to Your Cat

Written By: Sweety

Swap bedding or toys between the cat and the new dog to familiarize them with each other's scents before face-to-face interactions.

Scent Familiarity

Create separate spaces for your cat and new dog initially, providing safe zones where each pet can retreat when needed.

Separate Spaces

Allow your pets to see each other through a gate or cracked door, gradually increasing exposure to create familiarity without direct contact.

Visual Introduction

Use positive reinforcement with treats and affection when your pets exhibit calm behavior around each other, fostering positive associations.

Positive Reinforcement

Start supervised meetings in a controlled environment, ensuring both pets feel secure and minimizing the chances of negative interactions.

Supervised Meetings

Gradually increase the time your cat and new dog spend together, always monitoring their behavior and intervening if necessary.

Gradual Integration

Be patient and consistent in the introduction process. Slow, steady progress ensures a smoother transition and better chances of a positive relationship.

Patience and Consistency

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