Top 7 Tips for Exercising Your Dog

Written By: Sweety

Make use of vertical space. Encourage your dog to jump, climb, or use stairs. Vertical play provides physical activity in confined spaces.

Vertical Play

Play indoor fetch. Use soft toys or balls for a game of fetch. Be mindful of fragile items and create a safe space for the game.

Indoor Fetch

Engage in tug-of-war. A classic game that allows your dog to burn energy indoors. Use a sturdy tug toy for a safe playtime experience.

Tug-of-War Fun

Create a DIY obstacle course. Set up a simple course using household items. Guide your dog through tunnels, around furniture, and over low obstacles.

DIY Obstacle Course

Play hide-and-seek. Hide treats or toys in various spots for your dog to find. It's an entertaining and mentally stimulating indoor activity.

Hide-and-Seek Fun

Invest in interactive toys. Puzzle feeders and toys that dispense treats keep your dog mentally stimulated while providing physical activity.

Interactive Toys

Use the staircase. If available, incorporate stairs into your dog's exercise routine. Guide them up and down stairs for a cardio workout.

Staircase Exercises

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