Top 7 Tips for Exercising Your Cat Indoors

Written By: Sweety

Provide interactive toys that engage your cat's natural instincts, encouraging active play sessions and mental stimulation.

Interactive Toys

Entertain your cat with a laser pointer for chase and pounce play, offering an interactive and energy-burning activity.

Laser Pointers

Invest in cat trees or climbing structures to encourage vertical exploration, satisfying your cat's desire to climb and perch.

Climbing Structures

Use feather wands or toys to mimic hunting and capture scenarios, promoting physical activity and honing your cat's instincts.

Feather Wands

Incorporate puzzle feeders into mealtime to make eating a fun and engaging activity, combining mental stimulation with physical exercise.

Puzzle Feeders

Play hide-and-seek games with your cat using toys or treats, encouraging them to seek and explore different areas of your home.

Peek and Play

Provide tunnels or paper bags for your cat to explore, creating opportunities for physical activity and satisfying their curiosity.

Tunnels and Bags

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