Top 7 Tips for Dog Leash-Tastic Strolls

Written By: Sweety

Invest in a comfortable harness instead of a collar to avoid pulling pressure on your dog's neck. Use a sturdy leash and consider training treats for positive reinforcement.

Gear Up

Reward calm walking with yummy treats and enthusiastic praise. This associates good behavior with positive outcomes, making training more enjoyable.

Treat & Tell

Then, turn and start walking in the opposite direction. This teaches them that pulling doesn't get them where they want to go.

Stop & Turn

Practice basic commands like "heel" or "close" to encourage your dog to walk beside you. Use treats and gentle guidance to reinforce proper position.

Teach the Position

Maintain a calm and confident demeanor during walks. Avoid getting frustrated or reactive, as this can make the situation worse. Consistency is key in effective training.

Be the Leader

Start with short walks in low-distraction environments and gradually increase difficulty as your dog masters the basics. 

Gradual Progress

Stay positive, be consistent, and most importantly, have fun! The joyful bond you share on stress-free walks will make the journey all the more rewarding.

Enjoy the Journey

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