Top 7 Tips for Dog Bed Bliss

Written By: Sweety

Measure your dog from nose to tail, adding a few inches for sprawling. Consider their sleeping style – curled up or stretched out. 

Size It Up

Memory foam or orthopedic beds offer excellent support for older pups or joint issues. Consider firmer options for energetic chewers, while fluffy beds are great for cuddlers.

Support Matters

Waterproof or weatherproof beds are ideal for outdoor sleepers. For indoor pups, opt for machine-washable covers for easy cleaning.

Material Magic

Heated beds are fantastic for chilly nights, while raised beds keep pups cool in warmer weather. Consider calming features like built-in bolsters or snuggly hoods for anxious dogs.

Perks & Pampering

Place the bed in a quiet, draft-free area away from noise and foot traffic. Give your dog a sense of security and their sleep sanctuary.


Choose a bed that can withstand playful paws and chewing tendencies. Durable fabrics and stitching ensure your investment lasts.

Puppy-Proof Perfection

Offer your dog a variety of bed styles and textures to see what they prefer. Observe their sleeping habits and adjust the bed accordingly for maximum snooze satisfaction.

Snooze & See

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