Top 7 Tips for Dealing with Cat Litter Box Issues

Written By: Sweety

Select a cat litter that suits your cat's preferences, considering texture, scent, and type, to encourage regular use of the litter box.

Litter Choice

Place the litter box in a quiet, accessible location to provide your cat with a private and stress-free environment for toileting.

Box Placement

Consider having multiple litter boxes, especially in multi-cat households, to reduce competition and address territorial issues.

Multiple Boxes

Maintain a clean litter box by scooping daily and doing a complete change regularly to prevent odor and discomfort for your cat.

Regular Cleaning

If your cat shows aversion to the litter, experiment with different types and observe their preference to solve any toileting problems.

Addressing Aversions

Schedule a vet check-up to rule out any medical issues causing litter box aversions or changes in your cat's bathroom habits.

Vet Check-up

Create a calm environment by minimizing stress factors, providing hiding spots, and incorporating enrichment activities to address behavioral litter box problems.

Stress Reduction

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