Top 7 Tips for Creating Outdoor Space for Cat

Written By: Sweety

Build a catio. Enclosed patios or outdoor enclosures provide safe access to fresh air, sunshine, and stimulation, protecting them from hazards.

Catio Creations

Secure fencing. Opt for tall, smooth fencing with inward-facing overhangs or rollers to prevent climbing or escape. Regularly inspect for gaps or damage.

Fence It In

Harness and leash walks. Introduce harnesses gradually for supervised outdoor excursions. Choose escape-proof harnesses and sturdy leashes.

Harness the Adventure

Remove hazards. Eliminate toxic plants, secure garden beds, cover water features, and store chemicals safely. Address potential predator risks.

Cat-Proof the Yard

Provide enrichment. Offer climbing structures, scratching posts, toys, and shady spots for exploration and relaxation. Rotate items for novelty.

Enrich the Space

Stay vigilant. Supervise outdoor time and monitor their behavior. Be aware of potential risks like predators or escape attempts.

Supervise and Monitor

Microchip for safety. Ensure they have a microchip with up-to-date contact information in case of unexpected escapes.

Consider Microchipping

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