Top 7 Submissive Dog Behaviors to Know

Written By: Sweety

A low tail wag indicates submission. It's a friendly gesture expressing your dog's desire to avoid conflict and maintain a harmonious environment.

Tail Wagging

Dogs may avoid direct eye contact when feeling submissive. It's a sign of respect and acknowledgment of a higher social status.

Avoiding Eye Contact

When a dog pulls back its ears, it signals submission. This behavior shows a willingness to follow and avoid confrontation.

Ears Back

Rolling onto their back is a vulnerable position that signifies submission and trust. It's an invitation for belly rubs and affection.

Rolling Over

Dogs expose their belly as a submissive gesture. It's a display of trust and an assurance that they pose no threat.

Exposing Belly

A crouched or cowering posture indicates fear and submission. Your dog is signaling their acknowledgment of a potential threat.

Crouching or Cowering

Excessive licking is a submissive behavior. It's a way for dogs to show deference and maintain a positive social atmosphere.


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