Top 7 Submissive Behaviors Of Dog

Written By: Sweety

A tucked tail, especially when paired with flattened ears and a lowered body, often means your dog feels nervous or unsure. 

Tail Between Legs

Those big, innocent eyes aren't just adorable – they're a way for dogs to show appeasement. Look for wide eyes with whites showing, often accompanied by flattened ears and licking. 

Whale Eyes

Rolling onto their backs, exposing their vulnerable bellies, is a major sign of trust and submission. It's also an invitation to play.

Belly Flop

If your dog's tongue is going non-stop, especially on your hands or face, offer them a calming activity or gentle distraction.

Licking Blitz

A low, hunched posture with ears flat and head lowered is a clear sign your dog feels threatened or overwhelmed.

Cowering Crouch

Suddenly stopping mid-action, standing perfectly still, is a dog's way of trying to become invisible. It's their "pause button" when feeling unsure or stressed. 

Freeze Frame

A big, exaggerated yawn, especially paired with averted gaze, can be a sign your pup needs a break from the situation.

Yawning Stretch

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