Top 7 Largest Cat Breeds

Written By: Sweety

Known for their long, fluffy tails and impressive size, Maine Coons can weigh up to 20 pounds. They're often called "gentle giants" for their affectionate and playful personalities.

Maine Coon

With a stunning spotted coat and athletic build, the Savannah cat is a head-turner. This breed is known for its high energy and intelligence, making for an adventurous companion.

Savannah Strut

Originating from the harsh Siberian climate, these cats boast a thick, luxurious coat and a sturdy build. They're known for their affectionate nature and playful spirit.

Siberian Sweetheart

True to their name, Ragdolls are known to go limp in your arms, just like a ragdoll. These gentle giants are incredibly affectionate and love to cuddle.

Ragdoll Relaxation

With a thick, water-resistant coat and a muscular build, Norwegian Forest Cats are well-adapted to cold climates. They're known for their independent nature and love of exploring.

Norwegian Forest Friend

Closely related to the Ragdoll, Ragamuffins share a similarly sweet and docile personality. They're known for their thick, plush coats and gentle demeanor.

Ragamuffin Lovebug

With a striking spotted coat that resembles a wild ocelot, the Ocicat is a unique and captivating breed. They're known for their playful energy and intelligence.

Ocicat Attitude

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