Top 7 Health Issues in French Bulldogs  

Written By: MUDASSIR

Brachycephalic syndrome causes trouble breathing. Surgery like nares widening helps. Keep cool in summer. Flying is high-risk.


Intervertebral disc disease causes back pain and mobility issues. Keep slim, ramps help furniture access. Surgery is an option. 


Food and inhalant allergies bring itchy, inflamed skin and ears. Medicated baths soothe symptoms as vets find the triggers


Kneecap dislocation and arthritis in hips and elbows hamper movement. Glucosamine supplements aid joint health


Mitral valve disease is a common heart defect causing cough, fatigue. Medication helps control with vet monitoring for progression


Entropion, cherry eye, and cataracts may require surgery. Tear stains suggest irritation. Treat infection risks early.


Skin fold infections need cleaning/drying. Tail pocket fungus requires antifungal meds. Grooming prevents painful matting


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