Top 7 Facts Of Cat vision

Written By: Sweety

Cats navigate the night with confidence. But can they truly see in complete darkness? Let's explore the secrets of their superior vision.

Night Vision 

Our eyes contain light-sensitive cells called rods and cones. Cats have far more rods, making them masters of low-light conditions. 

Light Detectives

Cat pupils aren't just beautiful. They expand dramatically in dim light, gathering even the faintest rays. This "night vision switch" gives them a huge advantage.

Pupil Power

Contrary to popular belief, cats don't see only in black and white. They perceive a range of grays, allowing them to discern shapes and movement even in the dark.

Shades of Gray

Cats excel at spotting and tracking fast-moving objects. Their superior peripheral vision and motion sensitivity make them skilled hunters, even in low light.

Motion Masters

While cats navigate shadows with ease, their depth perception isn't as sharp as ours. They rely heavily on whiskers and touch to gauge distances in low-light situations.

Depth Perception

The trade-off for amazing night vision is sensitivity to bright light. In daylight, cats' pupils constrict, and their vision becomes less sharp.

Sunlight Sensitivity

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