Top 7 Facts Of Calico Cat

Written By: Sweety

Calicos are considered lucky charms, bringing prosperity and good fortune. Their charming personalities and captivating beauty are sure to bring joy to any home.

Lady Luck in Fur

Calicos are known for their spirited and independent nature. They're playful, curious, and always up for an adventure. 

Playful Personality

Their unique tri-color coats, typically a blend of orange, black, and white, are formed by a fascinating mix of genetics. 

Symphony of Colors

Calico cats generally require similar care as other shorthaired or longhaired breeds, depending on their specific coat.


While their beauty is undeniable, calicos are much more than just eye candy. They're loving, loyal companions who form strong bonds with their humans.

Pretty Face

Calicos come in all shapes and sizes, so there's a perfect match for every personality. Consider your lifestyle and preferences when choosing a calico companion.

Tri-Colored Match

Whether you believe in their lucky charm or simply adore their unique beauty and playful spirit, calicos are truly special felines.

Calico Magic

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