Top 7 Cats for Apartments

Written By: Sweety

These plush pals with round faces are known for their calm and quiet demeanors. They're content to lounge and observe, making them ideal apartment companions.

British Shorthair

These affectionate giants are gentle souls who love cuddles. Their placid nature makes them fantastic apartment dwellers, even with limited space.


Graceful and elegant, Russian Blues are known for their quiet purrs and serene presence. They're not overly demanding but enjoy gentle playtime and cuddles.

Russian Blue

Persians thrive on attention and are happy to spend hours lounging by your side. Their luxurious coats require regular brushing, but their loyal companionship is worth it.


These tiny adventurers are surprisingly energetic and playful. Their small size makes them perfect for apartments, and their curious nature will keep you entertained.


Sphynx cats are incredibly social and affectionate, craving cuddles and warmth. Their playful antics will bring joy to your apartment.


These vocal felines love to “converse” with their humans. Their playful personalities and easygoing nature make them delightful apartment companions.


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