Top 7 Canine Communication Gestures

Written By: Sweety

Tail wagging signifies various emotions. A loose, wide wag often expresses happiness, while a low or tucked wag may indicate submission or anxiety.

Wagging Tails

Dogs use ear movements to convey emotions. Erect ears show alertness, while flattened ears indicate fear or submission.

Ear Movements

Direct eye contact can signify confidence or challenge. Averted eyes may indicate submission or discomfort in certain situations.

Eye Contact

Pay attention to your dog's overall posture. A relaxed, loose body indicates comfort, while a tense body may signal stress or unease.

Body Posture

Dogs yawn to alleviate stress or tension. Frequent yawning can be an appeasement gesture, signaling a desire for a calm environment.


Lip licking is often a sign of discomfort or stress. Dogs use this gesture to communicate their need for reassurance or a break from a situation.

Lip Licking

Raising a paw is an appeasement gesture. It's a non-confrontational way for dogs to signal submission and a willingness to cooperate.

Paw Lifting

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