Top 7 Cane Corso Facts

Written By: Sweety

With their muscular build, Cane Corsos are affectionate and loyal companions. They bond deeply with families and are protective of their loved ones.

Gentle Giants

Cane Corsos are intelligent and eager to please, making them relatively easy to train. Consistent, reward-based methods work best with this breed.

Smart & Trainable

These active dogs require daily exercise to stay physically and mentally fit. Long walks, jogs, or playtime in a securely fenced yard are ideal.

Exercise Needs

Cane Corsos have short, easy-to-maintain coats. Brushing once a week and occasional baths keep them looking their best.


Be aware of common health issues like hip dysplasia, bloat, and eye problems. Regular vet checkups are essential for early detection and treatment.

Health Concerns

Proper socialization from a young age is crucial for Cane Corsos to develop into a well-adjusted adult. This includes exposure to different people, animals, and environments.

Early Socialization

Cane Corsos are large, powerful dogs. They typically weigh between 90-120 pounds and stand 23-27 inches tall at the shoulder.

Size & Strength

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