Top 7 Best Scottish Dog Breeds

Written By: Sweety

The Scottish Terrier, often known as the 'Scottie,' is a small but robust breed with a distinctive appearance. Their loyalty and playful nature make them a top choice.

Scottish Terrier

Border Collies hail from the Scottish borders. Their agility and keen instincts make them the best choice for those seeking an active and smart companion.

Border Collie

The Shetland Sheepdog, or 'Sheltie,' is a gentle and intelligent breed. Their beautiful coat and friendly demeanor make them one of the best Scottish breeds for families.

Shetland Sheepdog

Golden Retrievers are beloved companions. Their friendly nature and versatility make them among the top choices for Scottish households.

Golden Retriever

The 'Westie' is a delightful and spirited breed. Their distinctive white coat and friendly personality make them one of the best Scottish terriers for families.

West Highland White Terrier

Gordon Setters are excellent family dogs. Their loyalty and intelligence contribute to their status as one of the best Scottish breeds.

Gordon Setter

Cairn Terriers, known for their adventurous spirit, are compact and sturdy. Their playful nature and adaptability make them one of the top choices among Scottish dog breeds.

Cairn Terrier

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