Top 7 Best Cats for Allergies

Written By: Sweety

With stunning triple coats and striking eyes, Siberians produce less Fel d 1 protein, the common allergen in cat saliva and skin.


The hairless Sphynx might be your answer. Their lack of fur means less shedding and dander. Plus, their wrinkled skin is irresistibly cuddly.


Graceful and elegant, the Balinese is often called a "long-haired Siamese." Their fine, silky coat produces less dander, and their affectionate nature will melt your heart.


The Oriental Shorthair is another low-shedding option. They're also known for their intelligence, talkativeness, and strong bonds with their humans.

Velvety Oriental

Their gentle demeanor and love of quiet make them ideal companions for allergy sufferers seeking a calm and cuddly friend.

Charming Russian Blue

Their minimal shedding and affectionate nature make them perfect for those who want a playful and cuddly feline friend.

Playful Devon Rex

Spend time with different breeds to see which one suits you best. With so many wonderful options, you're sure to find your purrfect allergy-friendly match.

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