Top 7 Basenji Dogs Secrets 

Written By: Sweety

Known for their "yodel" and other vocalizations, Basenjis don't bark like typical dogs. But they're far from silent! Expect a range of sounds and a strong personality.

Silent Dog

Basenjis are known for their independent nature, fastidious grooming habits, and love of climbing. They're often described as having a "cat-like" personality.


This breed dates back to ancient Egypt, depicted in art and prized for their hunting skills. Their name means "village dog" in Central Africa.

Ancient Roots

Basenjis are active and playful dogs who need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. They excel at agility, lure coursing, and other dog sports.

High Energy

Known for their curiosity and intelligence, Basenjis are skilled at escaping fences and enclosures. Secure yards and leash walks are essential.

Escape Artists

Their short, sleek coat is relatively low-maintenance. Basenjis groom themselves like cats and have little doggy odor.

Grooming Gurus

Provide plenty of chew toys and outlets for their energy to prevent destructive chewing. Redirecting their energy with training and play is key.

Chewing Champions

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