Tips for Cooling Your Dog

Written By: MUDASSIR

Provide plenty of cool, fresh water both indoors and outdoors. Add ice cubes to make it more enticing and cooling to drink. 


Ensure dogs have shaded spots to rest outdoors. Use trees, shade cloths, gazebos, even umbrellas to protect from sun exposure. 


Prepare frozen treats like frozen kongs, cold wet towels, ice bottle wraps, even frozen dog friendly veggie or fruit bites help provide cooling relief.


Wading pools, splash pads and doggie pools offer wet fun! Always supervise play and provide fresh drinking water nearby


A quick cool water rinse or foot soak helps lower body temperature. Never submerge an overheated dog fully in cold water-big temperature


Rotating cooling toys like chilled chewing items in the freezer tempts hot pups to settle down with a long lasting icy distraction. 


For dogs who struggle in the heat consider active cooling interventions like cooling vests, gel packs, beds, and mats that require less energy

Vests + Mats 

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