These 7 Zodiac Signs Try To Get Their Ex Back

Written By: MUDASSIR

As an Aries, your cardinal fire makes you a passionate trailblazer in life and relationships. However, you also tend to have a short fuse


Retreating into confidence issues helps no one long-term. Focus inward on raising self-esteem beyond what any ex provided


First scrutinize if this ex genuinely nurtures your fiery spirit and satiates your intellectual appetites. If not, or if trust was broken


Determine if this person nurtures both your playful and serious side. If not, or if deceit was an issue, find stimulating connections elsewhere. 


Quirky Aquarius, your humanitarian innovation may envision remixing the old into something new. But reflect deeply on whether this ex


If not, or if they violated trust, shell out time nurturing yourself before welcoming anyone else in.  


For determined Capricorns, reconciliation may seem sensible if you share history, children or assets. But don't abandon self-respect for practicality’s sake


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