Reasons for Indoor Dog Urination Issues  

Written By: MUDASSIR

Bladder infections cause frequent urination and accidents. Usually requires antibiotic treatment. Seek vet care for urinalysis and meds


Stress triggers like construction, visitors, schedule/home changes can induce indoor leg lifting. Reduce triggers and use calming aids.


New smells from cleaners, visiting pets can stimulate indoor elimination. Use enzymatic cleaners to neutralize odor cues.

Scent Sparks

Pet stains, water leaks or dripping pipes can attract repeat bathroom usage. Thoroughly clean wet spots and fix plumbing issues. 


Urine marking communicates ownership/status. Intact males and females are most prone to this instinctual indoor spraying behavior


Going into heat causes spayed females instinct to advertise readiness to mate - including through indoor urine spots! Spaying helps trainability.


Elderly or sick dogs become less aware of needing bathroom breaks. More frequent supervision and planning ahead aids

Senses Dull

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