Keep Your Dog Calm During Thunderstorms

Written By: Sweety

Designate a safe and cozy retreat for your dog during storms, such as a comfortable corner with their favorite bed and toys.

Safe Space

Desensitize your dog to storm sounds by playing recordings at low volume, gradually increasing it over time to help them become accustomed.


Play calming music or white noise to drown out thunder sounds and create a peaceful auditory environment for your dog.

Calming Music

Consider using a Thundershirt or anxiety wrap to provide gentle, constant pressure, offering a sense of security during thunderstorms.

Comforting Garments

Offer interactive toys or puzzle feeders filled with treats to distract your dog and redirect their focus away from the storm.

Distraction Toys

Associate storms with positive experiences by offering treats or engaging in favorite activities, creating a positive reinforcement loop.

Positive Associations

Consult with your vet for professional guidance and potential anxiety medications if your dog's storm phobia is severe.

Professional Help

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