He’s Not Your Soulmate Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Written By: MUDASSIR

When an Aries realizes her partner doesn't respect her independence or need for adventure, it signals he's not the one. Aries craves freedom.


Taurus values stability in relationships, so laziness, unreliability or a lack of commitment style soon has her realizing he’s not her soulmate match.


Geminis thrive on mental stimulation but their chatty nature can be misunderstood. Partners unable to keep up intellectually or make them feel


Cancers seek emotional security but some mistake their nurturing nature for neediness. Partners making them feel “too sensitive”


Generous Leos give their all in relationships but soon resent partners unwilling to reciprocate. Stinginess with affection or attention is a fast red flag


Virgos have discerning taste and partners unable to meet their high standards for intelligence, class and integrity don’t make the soulmate cut.


Libras crave harmony and balance. Self-centered partners who create conflict rather than compromise signal to fair Libras that they’re not “the one.”


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