Essential Cat Pregnancy Tips and Information

Written By: MUDASSIR

Female cat heat timelines helps expected due dates. Heat lasts 4-6 days recurring every 2-3 weeks during breeding seasons until pregnant

Heat Cycles  

Schedule a vet exam to confirm pregnancy around 3-4 weeks along through palpation, ultrasound or x-ray. Discuss nutrition, birth preparations

Prenatal Vet Visits

Shop for whelping box, heating pad, feeding station and other kits. Stock up on premium kitten formula, nursery bedding

Preparing Supplies

Around two weeks out, monitor body and behavior changes closely as many don't nest until labor begins

Birthing Preparations    

From first contraction to last kitten, feline labor ranges under 6 hours typically but can vary from 2-12 hours.

Labor Duration

Monitor mom and kittens closely especially with nursing, umbilical cords, elimination, keeping kittens warm and hitting milestones

After Care

Birthing difficulties, rejected kittens, mastitis and post-partum depression warrant swift vet intervention.


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