Dog Stroke Symptoms & Treatment

Written By: MUDASSIR

An initial symptom of a stroke may be sudden behavioral changes like confusion, restlessness, wandering or lack of recognition of family members.


Dogs having a stroke sometimes lose sense of balance and spatial awareness, causing them to uncharacteristically tilt or fall

Head Tilt

Stroked dogs may compulsively walk in repetitive circles or loops without being able to orient themselves even with coaxing


Loss of vision, blinking excessively, walking into walls or furniture or reluctance approaching stairs describe further stroke neurological damage

Vision Loss

Sudden stroke events or bleeding in the brain also cause nausea and vomiting in canines who will require urgent medications


Partial paralysis or worsening muscle weakness causes stroked dogs to rapidly lose motor control and endure full-blown seizures


Dogs sustaining major brain damage from a massive stroke can lapse into a comatose or unconscious state from which they can't awaken


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