Choosing the Best Food For Dog 

Written By: MUDASSIR

Read all ingredients carefully ensuring whole proteins like chicken or fish are first, followed by whole grains, vegetables, healthy fats


Select puppy, adult or senior formula dog foods to provide nutrients suited for that life stage like glucosamine for joint health in mature dogs.

Age Appropriate 

If skin issues, digestive upset or ear infections persist, try a limited ingredient, allergy relieving or grain free dog


Very active dogs need more protein and fat for sufficient calories than less active pets. Index percentages on labels to compare protein

Activity Level

Some dogs have sensitive stomachs and need digestion supporting dog foods with extra fiber, probiotics or easily digestible rice recipes.  


Rotating proteins and ingredient mixes with each bag of dog food can prevent picky eating. Or stick to one if tummy troubles result

Diet Variety

Affordability impacts options but many quality dog food brands offer budget friendly lines without sacrificing core nutrition.


What Do Dogs Eat?