Cat Stroke Symptoms & Care

Written By: MUDASSIR

Initial signs of a stroke may be subtle personality changes like hiding, irritability, restlessness or failure to recognize familiar humans


One pupil growing much larger than the other, not constricting properly in light, or eyes appearing misaligned signal neurological distress

Uneven Pupils

Stroked cats may compulsively walk in repetitive circles or loops without being able to orient themselves even with coaxing


Extreme lethargy or lack of interest in basic grooming resulting in matted, unkempt fur further demonstrates catastrophic impacts 


Excruciating headaches or reduced motor control over vocal cords prompts stroked cats to emit long, loud, piteous wailing cries 


Partial paralysis impairs a stroked cat's mobility to enter the litter box and inability to recognize familiar spaces because of visual disturbances

Urinating Difficulties 

Nausea, vertigo, mouth pain or compromised sense of smell means affected cats struggle eating prompting rapid unhealthy weight loss.  

Appetite Changes

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