Can Dogs Eat Cat Food

Written By: MUDASSIR

While the extra protein packed into cat food appeals to dogs, long term it can tax kidneys and liver functioning better

Higher Protein

Energy dense cat food outpaces pooch activity levels fostering rapid unhealthy weight gain in dogs prone to obesity who lack feline portion

Weight Gain Risks

Unique proteins like lamb and venison commonly found in cat foods may trigger food allergies in predisposed canines prompting chronic ear issue

Allergy Triggers

Too much preformed vitamin A found in cat foods but unnecessary for dogs builds up unexcreted in canine tissues accumulating over time

Vitamin Excesses  

Higher levels of amino acid taurine in cat food helps feline hearts but too much suppresses dogs’ L-carnitine intake required to protect canine

Heart Conditions  

Too high fat content in kitty cuisine puts pup pancreases into overdrive trying to produce extreme lipase secretions which inflame

Pancreatitis Risk

Tantalizing smells and flavors of cat food teaches begging dogs to resist their normal chow anticipating accessing the forbidden feline

Finicky Eating

Cat Stroke Symptoms & Care