Can Cats See Color?

Written By: MUDASSIR

Cats have fewer color receptive cones in their eyes than humans, limiting color perception. Their world consists of more grays and blues.  

Vision Basics

While not seeing the full color spectrum, cats can differentiate shades and hues based on brightness and saturation.


Cats evolved to notice movement very well to hunt prey. So color matters less than detecting motion for their survival.


Humans have 3 color cones allowing red, blue, green perception. Cats only have 2, missing sensitivity to red.  


Good night vision from more rod cells gives cats an advantage hunting at night when color matters less.  


As predators relying more on senses than color, aspects like hearing, smell impact cats more than vibrant color interpretation.


Contrast and brightness instead of color assists cats in spotting and chasing prey in fields and forests.  


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