7 Signs You're Infatuated, Not Actually in Love

Written By: MUDASSIR

You can’t stop staring at them and are consumed by physical chemistry and frequent sexual contact more than emotional bonding.

Physical Fixation  

You put your romantic interest on a pedestal, overlooking red flags and rationalizing negative traits instead of seeing clearly.  

Flawed Perception

You feel constant underlying jealousy and envy when they interact with others, signifying possessive rather than secure attachment.

Jealous Focus   

You spend more time daydreaming about an ideal future together than appreciating your real dynamic in the present moment.   

Fantasy Focus

You immediately want to change details about them or the relationship pace/status rather than accepting your partner as they are.   

Change Urges

Your connection centers around surface-level attributes like appearances and status rather than deeper shared values and intimacy.


Small issues spiral out of proportion emotionally, signaling short-fused infatuation prone to volatility over mature love’s stability.  

Drama And Mania

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