7 Signs You and Your Partner Are Ready for Kids 

Written By: MUDASSIR

You and your partner demonstrate self-awareness around your strengths, shortcomings and triggers allowing you to communicate feelings

Emotional Skills

You and your partner have healthy conflict resolution tactics focusing on issues, listening, compromising and forgiving rather than attacking

Conflict Abilities  

You and partner have a dependable income and responsible savings strategy allowing you to comfortably afford children’s current and future expenses.  

Financial Readiness

You and your partner function extremely well as a team with clarity around parenting styles, values you want to instill, and hopes for your child.   

United Front

You and your partner exemplify patience during challenging or mundane situations signaling the resilience needed to handle a child’s developmental stages

Patience Practice

You and your partner share the willingness and commitment to put another's endless needs first by devoting time, compromising interests

Priority Agreement

Practice self-care ensuring your own physical health, mental wellbeing, fulfillment of needs and modelling of balance for a child.  

Self-Care Routines

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