7 Relationship Habits You Think Make You A Good Girlfriend

Written By: MUDASSIR

Avoiding confrontation and agreeing to everything to keep the peace might feel like being a “good” girlfriend. But losing your voice breeds resentment.


Constant check-ins might seem attentive but can come across as smothering versus giving a partner space to miss you and respond when available.

Over texting  

Doing everything for a partner like paying for meals or driving them everywhere can foster dependence versus interdependence built on equality.


Attempting to manage or change behaviors implies judgment and control versus accepting someone as they are and giving them autonomy.


Suspicion of acquaintances breeds toxic relationships rooted in competition. Complete openness to friendships reflects security in what you share.  


Repeatedly urging someone to take unwanted advice or make different choices is criticism packaged as “help” and damages trust.


Needing constant connection can signal anxiety versus secure attachment. Overdependence on another’s presence fosters an imbalanced dynamic.  


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