7 Habits You Believe Make You the Best Girlfriend

Written By: MUDASSIR

You go over the top trying to anticipate and provide everything your partner wants to avoid any hint of disappointment or conflict. 


You obsessively analyze everything about the relationship dynamic trying to improve it, which can cross into smothering versus nurturing behavior.


You guess what your partner is thinking and feeling instead of allowing them to express it authentically themselves, jumping to inaccurate conclusions.

Mind Reading

You act like an endless fountain of love and support without setting boundaries or communicating your own exhaustion until you grow resentful.


You harshly critique your partner's minor flaws convinced it will motivate positive change while really just damaging their self-esteem and connection.


You secretly invade their privacy through checking phones or accounts due to baseless distrust rather than building open communication


You provoke arguments to test their commitment, seeking intense emotional experiences, which creates a hurtful rollercoaster of unnecessary turmoil

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