7 Dog Breeds to Skip If You Have Allergies

Written By: Sweety

While adorable, pugs' wrinkled faces trap dander and their short coats shed year-round. Plus, their love for licking spreads allergens.


Boxers are bundles of energy with one messy habit: excessive drooling. This dander-coated saliva paints homes with allergens, making them a no-go for allergy sufferers.


Their luxurious double coat may be a beauty standard, but it sheds like crazy, spreading allergens everywhere. Be prepared for regular brushing and vacuuming.

Golden Retriever

Those charming wrinkles are allergy magnets, trapping dander and moisture. Plus, their drool adds to the allergen party. Snuggles might come with a side of sniffles.


Poodles may be known for being hypoallergenic, but their curly coats can collect dander. Regular grooming is key to keeping allergies at bay.


Huskies' thick, double coat sheds seasonally, blanketing homes in fur (and allergens). If you love winter wonderlands, prepare for an indoor one too.


Labs are popular for a reason, but their love for fetching and rolling in the grass means tracking in all sorts of allergens. Be prepared for frequent baths and cleaning.

Labrador Retriever

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